Harry & Michaela | To Infinity & Beyond

Harry & Michaela | To Infinity & Beyond


“Harry and I actually met in June 2012, 2 years before we started dating.

We were both out with friends at The Victory Hotel. My group of friends decided to go home but I wasn’t ready to, so I tagged along with a bunch of girls I just met. I started talking to Harry while one of the girls talked to his mate and we just hit it off and chatted for hours. We have some funny stories about the night so it’s a great memory for us. He dropped me home after the Vic and we went on our first date a week later; dinner and a movie. It was a great night but then Harry disappeared off the face of the earth, only to reappear at the most random times over the next 2 years. He used to randomly text me, add me on Facebook or Facebook message me. I barely spoke to him cause I thought he was so “flakey” (as all my friends know I described him as 😂). He used to start a conversation but then disappear a week later. He’d add me and then I’d delete him because he’d never talk to me. Almost 2 years later, within the same month (June 2014) he messaged me again, asking to go out on a date. Something in my gut told me to just go for it and so I decided to give him a second chance. I hadn’t seen him in 2 years so I kind of thought ‘why not’. We went to Pancake Manor for dinner and went to see ‘How to train your dragon 2’

Looking back on it we think it’s hilarious because he asked me that night to be his girlfriend (and I pay him out about it all the time Because I said no!). I told him he needed to prove he was serious and not going to be so flakey like he was for 2 years. We “dated” for a month then I asked him out “officially” and he actually turned me down this time. He said “the guy has to ask the girl out” and so he left me hanging for a couple of days before officially asking me – another thing we joke about when we reminisce.

We were together for about 8 months before he moved in and we’ve never looked back. February 29th 2016 (leap day) I asked Harry to marry me, but obviously “the guy has to ask” (he said) so he said no. He popped the question at sunset on Kuta beach in Bali on November 14th 2016.

We always have a laugh thinking about our “love story” because it didn’t happen in the usual way you hear but we have such a fun story to tell about everything working out and how thankful we are that our paths crossed again, because the first time we met we weren’t ready for each other. In the beginning I felt it was almost too good to be true because we have so much in common – even the silly things you don’t assume boys like. He loves Disney and Pixar movies and being a compete dork like me, plus he is a country music fan at heart- just like me!

It was also hard to believe that we found each other because he is such an incredibly sweet, affectionate and loving man.

I’ve always said from the second time round that he’s my Prince Charming and we are meant to be.

Saturday really was our “happily every after” and it felt so magical to have the fairytale we both dreamt of. “