Roslyn & Ed | On the Lota Esplanade

I want to share with you this magnificent Brisbane Bayside wedding. A very popular spot for weddings and family photography.Ed, originally from Brisbane was working in Victoria where he met Roslyn through mutual friends.It’s not often that your mutual friends are married to each other, so lets be honest, the introduction to each other was inevitable.About one year later, after the romance had blossomed, Ed had to move back to his family in Brisbane.Nobody likes a long distance relationship , however their love was resilient and Roslyn moved to Brisbane a year later to study and rent together. Their relationship grew stronger and stronger, traveling together and supporting each other in new career paths and life goals.The ceremony was held on the Lota Esplanade and their reception was held and the popular Bluebottle Bar in Manly. Nothing cooler to see that a venue is closed to the public for your very own function.The super cute “dog of honour” and “best dog” are Roslyn and Ed’s other love. Roslyn actually run a boutique doggy day care business and offer a whole heap of services for your pooch. Why not check them out… after this blog that is.

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