Choosing A Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Choosing A Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be both a daunting and an intimidating task. There are so many available for you to choose from. So what separates them from each other?  This list of questions will continue to grow the more you think about it but here are a few questions to help you make your decision.

Choosing a wedding photographer who is right for YOU

Above all else you will want your photographer to capture the essence of your wedding day without exception. This of course is the number one purpose of you hiring a professional photographer. The majority of my brides become emotional after we present their final products to them. They are able to re-live those moments again and again. Sometimes the day goes so fast for couples that they see parts of their day consciously for the first time.

So let’s think about that for a second, it’s your wedding day. It’s not like hiring any other service as part of your day.

In my mind that person would need to be someone who I felt comfortable to be around all day. Someone who was helpful & sincere in all situations.

How do you feel around them when you first meet them?

Do you feel comfortable and relaxed?

When you get closer to making a decision of who to go with there may not be much difference in price or product. The number one thing you need to consider is how much of rapport do I have with the photographer.

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Questions you should be asking your wedding photographer

Here a some questions you should have answered before booking your wedding photographer. The best time to do this is during your first meeting with them.

  • Are you the person who will be photographing my wedding? Sometimes studios subcontract to different photographers. Know who is shooting your wedding!
  • What experience & qualifications do they have? Have they done any weddings that are a similar style and size? Are the venues familiar to them? You will get a feel for them here if they are the right person for you.
  • Are they a member of any professional photography associations ? These associations will have a codes of conduct for its members to abide by. They support the photographers, and most importantly support the consumer as well. See more on our About Us page
  • Have you shot a wedding at my ceremony and reception venue? If not, do you plan to check it out in advance? What pre-planning they perform before each wedding? Ensure they check out the venues/locations before hand.
  • How old is the portfolio you are seeing? Is this their own recent work? Ask to see a whole wedding not just the “hero” shots.
  • How long before I receive my photos? This can vary from each studio but it’s important to make sure they meet your expectations.
  • If I want digital images what resolution will they be? What you receive can depend on what packages you may have chosen with your photographer. A question to ask yourself is ,what you would do with them if you got them?
  • Do you have a backup camera? How do you ensure the backing up of my photos during the day?
  • What will you receive from them at the end of the wedding? Are they good value for money?
  • Do you have a backup plan for yourself if you’re ill or incapacitated?

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